Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Check List

Shopping Done

Carrying Christmas Presents

Gifts wrapped
Dinner planned

Candy Made

Now a little pick-up & of course a  table setting!
Checklist will be complete!!!

Plan to relax while I wait for 
 family to arrive later  tomorrow.

Then as our Christmas traditions we will attend
Christmas Eve Candle light Service together. 
To remember the true reason why 
we celebrate Christmas!

Just a little humor from TEXAS!

Secret Santa Loot!

I joined Suzanne Coloradolady in Secret Santa , 
I have to first apologize for not posting sooner.
 I had camera difficulty, I finally was able to download the photos.
 I want to THANK my Secret Santa for all the neat items that I received. 
Because I'm so late I am going to just show you all the neat things I received. 
WOW!!!!! what a surprise I got when I opened this package.
 I do know that she has got to be a mom cause this package was well packed. 

This is the beautiful wrapped packages that I found.
 I was patience and made myself take pictures before I torn in to them.
The first item is a tatting snow flake ornament.
 Then I unwrapped 6 antique gift tags
 Then there were these individually wrapped cone items. 
 What to my surprise I found Pine cone candles
 Next was a ornate picture  frame, and 
this is the card that was included.
 I knew when I saw the wrapping that this
 next package had to be DISHES. 
Yes to my delight two beautiful salad plate size
 red holly plates.
 Now for the soft and squishy package I had no idea what this contained. 
She has to be a quilter for this is a beautiful handmade pillow.
 This is a craft that I have yet to tackle and admire anyone that has this talent!
 As I said in the beginning she knows how to pack as you
 can see all 15 items came out of that small box.
 I have already found a place to 
display most of the items as
 you can see below the 
plates found a home immediately. 
The candles found there way to my mantel and
 the gift tags are also being used.

Thanks again to my Secret Santa
I fill that she had know me for ever,
 as she really sent me all the things I like. 
Again I apologize for being so late and posting.
Thanks to Suzanne for all her hard and putting up with late posters like me!

Merry Christmas
 to all as I don't think
 I will get to post again before Christmas.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

~~~Thankful Luncheon~~~

Hope everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving.
 We sometimes forget all the things that we  have to be thankful for and 
who has provided those gifts.
 On Tuesday I had the joy of hosting a luncheon for the Fall Bible study group of my church. What a great blessing  were given to us in the last seven week. It is so amazing what God presented to me during these bible studies. He always seems to  bring surprises that are under the surface to light. As we studied  Priscilla Shirer, Gideon, your weakness, God's STRENGTH, we  were taught that he demonstrates to us how our weakness are actually a gift, that he unlocks and unleashes His power in our lives. 
 I have a whole new perspective of Gideon!
 I highly recommend this study by Priscilla. What a gift she has been given . 
(This is my own opinion.)

I have to share one of God's miracle's with you.
A young family at our church little (9 lbs 6oz) miracle!
Complications during birth sent him to Children's Hospital in Dallas TX

       Corban Underwood                                                             Corban
     Born October 18, 2013                                               November 20,2013, 12:00 Noon
                                           Photo: UPDATE:

 Children Hospital Dallas TX                                              HE IS ON HIS WAY HOME
                                                                                       TO SLEEP AT MOM & DAD'S

He still has challenges in front him but with continue prayers we know he will improve!
 "Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them,
 for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”
Deuteronomy 31:6 

A few of My thankful gifts:
 God, Family,Christian Family, Church, Knowing God is always there
Roof over my head, food on my table, loving family & supportive hubby

As I began this post I told you about the Ladies Luncheon. We had a full day of fellowship & Bible study beginning at 9 with the breakfast munchies and ended the day with array of salads brought by the ladies.  With our day ending about 2 what can I say, we had a lot to say <;)

Munchy table--
Martha Stewart moment a PERFECT Monkey Bread!  
Hot Coffee & Sparkling Cranberry Juice

Tables and Ladies

Sorry forget to get a picture of all the wonderful salads and 
had to use my phone to take photos.
We also had a wonderful Coffee Punch to enjoy with dessert. YUMMY!

Now on to regrouping and getting ready for 

Image by Graphics Fairy

Thanks for dropping by 

I will be joining
Let's Dish

Thursday, October 31, 2013



Hope everyone had a great Halloween

We participated in Trunk OR Treat at our church
and I of course decorated for the occasion.

What a great time we had!

No this is not my grand baby but one of the little ones
 that I get to love on and get hugs and kisses from.

Her and her 2 sisters were the three little pigs 
and her brother was the big bad wolf.
Yes that is 4 and  there is  one more brother.
Lots of hugs and sweetness!

Photo: Best trunk at fbc!
(So proud of hubby he has lost over 50 lbs!)

I have been busy with making plans for 
dinner for 30 last week and have 12 on Friday night.
Photos of tables soon!

Guess I am out of my retirement blahs!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Secret Santa Soiree

Want to have a little fun this Christmas!  
 Jump over to Colorado Lady and join her 
Secret Santa Soiree.

This were items I received from my
 SSS two years ago!

Go now as it closes October 31! 

Don't delay it really is fun!

Thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

White on White plus black=Challenge

White on White
Good evening to everyone, 
Wow what a day difference in the weather here in Texas!
Today is sweater and jacket day with yesterday started out as rainy 
and kind of warm. But that did not take long to change.
 I left the house with it being 72 and when I drove back
 in the driveway it was 56 with a cold wet rain.. Oh well I do live in Texas!

Kathleen challenged us a gain with a white challenge.
 I started early in breakfast nook and
 had it ready last week but OOPS it was for this week. 
So  here goes to Black and white with a visitor who also dressed the part.

He comes to visit every year about this time.
Black Halloween chargers with web edges---Wally World last year

 White Wicker Plate by Oneida--Goodwill find

 Octagon  salad plate not marked---Thrift Store
No glitter just Halloween tree reflection!
Skeleton bowls----DT last year

 Milk glass grape pattern goblet----Estate Sale
The goblet sets in a spider cupcake holder---????
 White mug is also Wicker by Oneida
 Flatware is Cambridge----Ross

Fiesta creamer & Sugar---Canton Fiesta Outlet

Black napkins and Spider web napkin rings-----Dillard's clearance last year
Napkins have a pumpkin trim

White Milk pitcher not marked--had to add a little spider ribbon
He is smiling as he gets to join his  other ghostly pals.
He  sits upon  a black cake stand to watch for others to 
join us for a warm and cozy breakfast
Please pull up a chair and join us!

I will be joining:
 Cusine Kathleen--Let's Dish

Tablescape Thursday

I would love to have you
follow along on my journey!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Burnt Orange Game Day


Yes it is game day with a lot of 
Orange around our house

 I invite you to our 
 celebration  dinner!

Menu is diffidently Texas Style
Chicken Fiates
Re fried Beans
and all the trimming.

So get those horns up as it looks as tho the Longhorns are on a roll
and it is all uphill! 

Hope everyone is enjoying the game 
as much as we are !!!

Even our Build a Bear dressed
 for the occasion. Glad my daughter left her chip and dip bowl behind we she got married.
 Place mates are shelf lining paper for Wally Word! 
Napkins under a clear plate.
 Someone used the plates I was going to use.
 Glasses are from my Southern Living Days
 with cling decals applied.

 Football bowls & plates are Dollar Tree.
 I could not believe the color was the perfect
 Texas bunt orange

Flatware and Chargers or from my stash.
Coasters were a stocking stuffier gift from Santa to my husband.
He was born in Austin and
 says he has orange blood.

As the fourth quarter begins I will close to prepare the CELEBRATIONS feast!

That's for stopping by 

Hook-Em- Horns