Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Table that Wasn't

"Count Down to A 
New Year"

with a sad face

Due to the fact that 
I am unable to download 
any of my photos from
 my 2014
New Years  Eve 

 I still wanted to wish everyone a 

********Happy New Year********* 

You can see a small snippet on my
Facebook or Instagram page!!

2011 Table

2011 Mantel

Please stay warm 
Drive safely

If anyone has suggestion please fill free to send them my way. 
Problem------- when I click on insert photo it will not
 go to my  photos saved on my computer. 
I even tried to insert new header photo and would not let me 

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see you next year!!


Friday, December 5, 2014

O Christmas Tree

Hope everyone is on schedule getting 
your home all decorated. 
I have one tree up and 
front porch almost completed. 
The reason I am behind is that  another
 friend  and I have been helping
 another one of friends 
decorate her home for a Home Tour in 
the committee were we live. 
Hope to post photo's soon.
This is going to be just a quick post of our 
living room tree, better pictures to come.

Thanks for stopping by
Hope to be posting soon!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Goodbye--Farewell--See Ya!!

Thought I would join all of you  Gals in the challenge from Cuisine Kathleen for her Farewell to Summer 

My post is a little different as I wanted to show  you our
Going away  CELEBRATION for a good friend at our church.

This sweet lady is moving to be close to her family due 
to the sudden death of her husband. This is one strong and faithful lady.
Her family has been members of our congregation for over 27 years.
Faithful choir member, VBS Worker, Sunday School officer, 
Praise Team Member, right hand to choir director and 
was always available to provide us with her 
She will be missed by all.

The church hosted a going away celebration for her
 before she moved. 
I was honored when asked to 
decorate for the occasion.
One of her greatest loves is that was the theme we used.

Table Centerpeices


 My talented daughter came to my rescue and cut out music notes 
hurray for cricut
and I had two ladies 
who helped put everything together.
We placed sheet music under each centerpiece and 
 also had a runner of sheet music on the cake table.
You can also see shredded sheet music 
around the cake table
thank goodness for old choir music

      As she is moving from the great state of Texas to a state up north of here
  OKLAHOMA, you know that is hard to type for  a Texan
We set up a gift and card table representing were she had been
and were she was going. 


Guest were treated to cake and punch 

Has she and two other ladies in the photo sang together 
for many years 
they sang together one last time.
We had a time of remembrance by many folks with laughs and tears.

During our time of celebrations we also had a time
 surrounding her with our prayers and love!

As I say farewell to summer 
I say see you later to a dear and gracious lady.

Thanks for stopping by
Hope you have a wonderful
Labor Day!

I will be joining
Cuisine Kathleen

Tablescape Challenge


 Christine for "Table It!" at Rustic & Refined this Monday: 

A Stroll Thru Life


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lazy days of Summer?????

Someone forgot to tell me it was
the Lazy Days of Summer!!!!

This is just a quick over load  look of Photo's from my Families Spring &  Summer Activities


Nephews wedding
(Not a good hair day in West Texas for me) 
Had a little Texas storm blow through!!!

                                Visitors for a three day Golf tournament, 
Birthdays & Fathers Day
and gearing up for  July.                                 

July 4th
Church  Celebration
    Food & FUN


Community Golf cart parade 

                             Vacation Bible School


  Our entertainment during VBS snack  

We averaged 140 kids a night. 
We also fed over 100 workers and there families each night. 
What was I thinking when I said I would be the cook. 
It was a great time with Janice, 
Bonnie & Peggy my trusty helpers. 

Along with 22 church ladies
we attend a Beth Moore Conference 
In Lubbock

God is so good and was in our presents!!!!


Dinner with Kiowa 
Fellowship Group  

We also received 12 inch of rain in my area of Texas.

Last but not least had  a fun week with grand-dog while daughter was a sponsor at 
 Church Kids camp!!!!
Here in Texas it is Hay harvest time so Son-in-law was working in the
 hay field till all hours of the night, after he left his welding job. 

This is usually the way he spent his afternoon.

They had fun
several excepted Christ
Our church is so blessed with a great group 
of  leaders for the Youth and Kids


Along with all these activities I am still doing genealogy on my 
Dad's family.
I promise last photos

My Dad's Parents

Hope I did not bore you with all the photo's 
it was kind of an over load. 
It has been a busy summer and now 
to start planning for fall and all the activities.
Time for new tablescapes and maybe a little remodeling!

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Means !!!!!

Summer means 
Vacation Bible School

My week has been kind of busy!
We are holding VBS at our church this week.
We began last Wednesday with a pool pre-registration with over 60 kids. 
Preparing hot dogs and the fixing--drinks.
You know when your daughter is the Director you are 
assigned ask with a SMILE to help.
I received the assignment of cooking 
for all VBS workers and families. 
The church provides a meal every night of VBS so
 the families do not have to worry about meals that week.

Of course that means menu for 5 nights 
plus refreshments for Parent's night 
Our Theme for the week is Agent D3

So keeping with the Spy theme
My menu:
Safe House Burgers
Pocket Litter Pasta
Undercover Taco Salad
Double Agent Ham
Cover Up Sandwiches

Spy Hopping  Refreshments

I have 3 wonderful ladies that have been a great help.
 Could not have done it with out them

I keep forgetting to take picture but here is couple I did take.
More later as you have to see the room decorations.

Director (In Red) receiving words of wisdom! 
This group provides the snacks for the kids ever night.

Mr. Spy entertaining kids during snacks.
Borrowed my decorations for his time to shine.

Director--Registration Director--Snack Director
adding up attendance.
 In the back ground you can see my daily food supply.
Our church members are very generous they provide many 
of the items for the meals and 
snacks for our hard working staff. 

This is what it looked like when
!!!!140 kids !!!!
invaded the Sanctuary on the 2nd night

We are just a small town church in Texas!!!!

Saw a saying that said,  I  am tired but it is 
VBS tired but what
 a blessing that comes out of this tired. 
Say a prayer for kids and all the workers.

Hope to post more later in the week.

Thanks for stopping by Y'all!

Love to hear and see about your VBS experience's.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Whimsy Table X 2


I have not posted in so long that I may have forgot how. Hope it is like riding a bike you never forget.

I did not want to miss Cuisine Kathleen challenge for a summer whimsy table. So I decided this morning to set my table on my deck. Of course it was Texas blazing hot even in the morning. I couldn't even come in and cool off as our air conditioner decide to only blow hot air. Our favorite friendly air conditioner twin repairmen is here now. Yes he and his twin and father have a air conditioner company and I think we have them on speed dial. Always glad that they wear shirts that have there name embroidery on them as I can't ever tell them apart. How did I ever survive  with a swamp cooler in Texas!! 

 Oh!!! guess I better get to my Table Scape 

I searched the house and 
did not buy one thing.
Table is set for two maybe we will
 enjoy supper when it gets cooler.
The table cloth was a Home Goods find 
again I shopped the house.
Plates which have four
patterns were purchased 
at Stein Mart several years ago.
Glasses got them at Wal Mart 
at least 6 years ago.
Love the little metal chair candle holders,
can always find fun things at DG.

Buffet Serving area-----Cabinets we removed 
from my living area when we moved in.


Just a quick Whimsy table had fun 
on a spur of the moment
 Thanks Kathleen for the challenge

Yes that is a golf course that
 you see in the background.
Sure was glad that the golfers were
 hitting the fairway and not my deck.

Special Guest Table Scape

Now for the 2nd table!!!
My junking buddy put a cute summer table 
together that I want to share.

Table on her deck!
 Same set up with a little change 
but she moved 
inside to her dinning table

 Love the bright colors. 
Tablecloth is a vintage buy from eBay.
 Daisy glasses great find at
 a local antique shop.
White daisy plate GW & napkin rings Fitz & Floyd 
on line outlet shop.
Chargers and place mates or from Pier One.
Got to get this girl blogging!

We are Junking/Shopping partners and do like the same things 
which gets us in trouble sometime.

Hope you have enjoyed our
Whimsy Summer tables X 2

Thanks for stopping by.
Love to read your comments Y'all
Stay cool and  hope your enjoying the summer.

*****Now it is raining and has cooled off---needed that when I was setting up. 
At least now we have cool air !

I am joining 

Summer Whimsy Challenge!