Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Check List

Shopping Done

Carrying Christmas Presents

Gifts wrapped
Dinner planned

Candy Made

Now a little pick-up & of course a  table setting!
Checklist will be complete!!!

Plan to relax while I wait for 
 family to arrive later  tomorrow.

Then as our Christmas traditions we will attend
Christmas Eve Candle light Service together. 
To remember the true reason why 
we celebrate Christmas!

Just a little humor from TEXAS!

Secret Santa Loot!

I joined Suzanne Coloradolady in Secret Santa , 
I have to first apologize for not posting sooner.
 I had camera difficulty, I finally was able to download the photos.
 I want to THANK my Secret Santa for all the neat items that I received. 
Because I'm so late I am going to just show you all the neat things I received. 
WOW!!!!! what a surprise I got when I opened this package.
 I do know that she has got to be a mom cause this package was well packed. 

This is the beautiful wrapped packages that I found.
 I was patience and made myself take pictures before I torn in to them.
The first item is a tatting snow flake ornament.
 Then I unwrapped 6 antique gift tags
 Then there were these individually wrapped cone items. 
 What to my surprise I found Pine cone candles
 Next was a ornate picture  frame, and 
this is the card that was included.
 I knew when I saw the wrapping that this
 next package had to be DISHES. 
Yes to my delight two beautiful salad plate size
 red holly plates.
 Now for the soft and squishy package I had no idea what this contained. 
She has to be a quilter for this is a beautiful handmade pillow.
 This is a craft that I have yet to tackle and admire anyone that has this talent!
 As I said in the beginning she knows how to pack as you
 can see all 15 items came out of that small box.
 I have already found a place to 
display most of the items as
 you can see below the 
plates found a home immediately. 
The candles found there way to my mantel and
 the gift tags are also being used.

Thanks again to my Secret Santa
I fill that she had know me for ever,
 as she really sent me all the things I like. 
Again I apologize for being so late and posting.
Thanks to Suzanne for all her hard and putting up with late posters like me!

Merry Christmas
 to all as I don't think
 I will get to post again before Christmas.