Friday, February 12, 2016

Traveling Valentine Decorations

Valentine Decorations will Travel

Valentine's are popping up and traveling everywhere!

Today's Appearance!!!!

The monthly Kiowa Women Club
 luncheon  at the Lodge in the area where we live.

I had the pleasure with my partner in decorating and dish crime
 Janice W to come up with the design and prepare for the day.
 I have to say thanks to our Bible Study Group for all 
the help on the set up day. 

We had great lunch, with an awesome music program and 
received numerous compliments on the decorations. 

I present Valentine Lodge Decorations

The next appearance will be at my
 church's Valentine breakfast on Sunday.
Come back and visit to check
 out how the decorations
will be dressed for there next appearance.

Thanks for visit !!!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Returning to Blogland

Just a note to say I am still on the planet...............
and want to get back to blogging again. You know sometime life gets in the way of fun things. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday and 
all are staying safe and warm. 
The weather in Texas will be 
changing back to winter tomorrow
they predict rain, sleet and maybe snow. *****
    Guess its time for the snowman table!!!  


Life now includes Skeeter Man.
 He now is staying with us 24/7
We are staying home and staying warm

Hopefully I have a start on my Valentine Table!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week.
Thanks for dropping by.