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Tables of Love

This is a post that I never seem to have posted from Christmas 2011. So I thought I would join
Christmas in July please don't miss it!


This year at our church the Woman’s Ministry hosted a church wide Christmas banquet. In the past the WM held a Christmas brunch for the women, but we decided that this year we would include the men folk.   Since I am on the WM committee I was given the responsibility of arranging for 11 ladies to host and decorate tables for the banquet.  I had such a wonderful overwhelming response of volunteers that I did not have get to host a table myself.  Since this was a Christmas banquet we only ask that they decorate for Christmas. The variety of china, pottery and decorations really made the night magical. We had a great time of admiring the tables and enjoying fellowship during the Christmas season.
The entertainment was provide by a men’s quartet, which I am kind of parcel too, as Big Jim is a member. This was their first official performance other than singing specials in church service. Our pastor is also a member and told the audience that they were only ask because they
perform really cheap.
We did give them dinner…………..but they were great and got a standing ovation!

I hope you enjoy our magical night!

This was our entertainment.
Big Jim is in the white swaeter.

We had a great time of fellowship.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012



The families in Colorado need our prayers,
please pause a moment and remember them.

Hello to everyone and I hope you are enjoying your Saturday. Here in TEXAS it is already 99 with
it getting to 104 yesterday.
 I think I will stay IN, stay cool  and
enjoy viewing all the great blogs
or maybe a new table scape, a big decision.

If you have been a follower you know that my home is still decorated with RED, WHITE & BLUE for July.
This is at the top of my list for decorating themes.
As I was involved every night last week with
 Bible School I feel I have gotten behind.
 (We averaged 115 kids each night,  GOD is awesome). 
 So gang grab a COOL drink
as I may be going to overload  YOU with photos.

Dining Room


Area in front of Sofa

Gang I showed a few of the photos, yes there are a feeeeew more.
I am sure they will pop up in the future.
When I began this post the temperature was 99 now 104 can you say HOT!

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Seasonal Sundays #109 - Ferry Ride

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gainesville Texas just took the title of Most Patriotic Small town in America in Rand McNally & USA Today's "Best of the Road Contest." I couldn't be more proud of this great little town.




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Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Shower Fun

I interrupt my RED< WHITE < BLUE Series
to give you snip of a wonderful Baby shower!


When you are the oldest grandchild
of my mother's side, 
 your invited to attend a lot of family events.  
Saturday my mother, her sister, her sister in law
 and one of my cousins attended a baby shower. 
If you were wondering I have cousins
 the same age as my children (in there 30's).
This will be her first and long awaited blessing.
Her sister and friends hosted
a delightful shower for her.
Her sisters home was in a beautiful setting in
a rural area in the Dallas area. 
It's A GIRL and will arrive in September!
I had to share a few photos of the shower and her home.

Grandmother to be & Mother To Be

 Michelle with sister and her daughter


Refreshment Table

 Luncheon serving---
I am going to use this idea....these are small plastic trays from Dollar Tree covered with cloth. Salads serving were placed in disposal punch cups.
These were our favors as well as the candy caddy.

 This is the music room across from the dinning room.
Look close this is a reflection!

This is December she belongs to the mother to be.

Mother to be and all her gifts.
View from the upstairs balcony.

We ended the day with a girls family photo.

More of the beautiful home in a later blog.

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Hope everyone has a
wonderful & blessed week

I think the blog ghost has attacked AGAIN---my background and side art has disappeared!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Copy cat Challenge is ON! (Magazine and Blogger copies}
P1190354 767x1024 Copy cat Challenge is ON! (Magazine and Blogger copies}
I wanted to join DeebieDoos Copy Challenge,
 but thought I had nothing and
would  not have time to throw something together.
But then I remember that I had copied
The Frugal Homemaker mantel
for my RED, WHITE & BLUE July the 4th.
So thought I would share.
Don't miss out, jump on over and see all the neat things that have been shared.
I wanted something different for the mantel
As we all do I began to search the web.
I came across this mantel that I really like and
begin to think I can do that.
I didn't ask permission but
The Frugal Homemaker 
was my favorite.
Please go over and check out her site.
Sorry still learning how to insert.

After seeing this I knew this was the one and
I began to think what do I have?
So the search began.

I searched my containers and  went from room to room.
I even went to the dirty storage building. YUK!

Here is my Mantel.
The best part is dear ones the only thing that
 I did purchases new is the small wagon.
Now here is really the best part
it was only $1.00 at a garage sale!
I say YAHOO to that <;)

How Did I Do Blog Gang?
Items Details;
Starting with the top shelf
Candle holder on left is Southern Living, on the right daughter left them behind
Stripe candle I have had forever, red candles Target after Christmas sale
Second shelf
Left over from daughters wedding
Third Shelf
Birthday gift from the son a couple of years ago
Now the Mantel
Plate, flag & Warren Kimble  barn picture are left over from Patriotic Bedroom
Lantern I think HL
Bowl and balls again daughter reject from her first apartment
$1.00 wagon
Lamp thrift store $2.00
Star garland was a MOM thrift store
They still had the original HL tag on them $6.99, she gave $1.00 a strand

Enough of this blabbing more photos of the mantel.

More Lanterns from Ikea, Wedding and HL
Bear has been around for a long time

Candle stand Christmas Gift from my son
Rooster gift from MOM again (YEA MOM)

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P1190354 767x1024 Copy cat Challenge is ON! (Magazine and Blogger copies}

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Red, White & Blue Breakfast Room

In my earlier blog today I said I was going to have a series of blog as I pulled out all my patriotic decorations this year. I really had planned to post later in the week but I did not want to miss 200th week at Between Naps on the Porch! So this is going to be my second post for today.

If you have visited before you know that I have a seasonal tree in my breakfast room. At this time it is all decked out in Red, White & Blue. A closer look in another blog.

The sun was really bright. (my my windows sure look dirty cloudy) it's the sun right!
The table is set for breakfast for four.

Over all table

White lantern were used in my daughters wedding, it sets a top  a clear cake stand. My Mom picked up at a garage sale for $2.00 .  The hats, star salt shakers
(matching blue one is on the other side of the lantern),
small pitcher and small  star dish where shop at home fines.
The small strip bowls are from Targets $1.00 bin.

The plates are from Cracker Barrel, which were a Birthday gift from my Mom and Dad. There are two different patterns. They sit upon Oneida Wicker, this was a find at Goodwill a while back ,$10.00 for a place setting for 4 with serving bowls.  I danced all the way to the car.
You may remember them.
Place mates are Dollar tree.
I must not forget the flatware I used these in last year 4th blog. I think they came from Marshall's or Ross can't remember. The butter dish is Fiesta.

Now you can see the other shaker. The red glasses again from my Mom she was going to sell them in garage sale and  grabbed rescued them. The cups are from Old Navy for several years they had different patterns for 3 or 4 years in a row. Wish they would bring them back.
 The place card holder with the flags, I really don't know they were in my container when I unloaded this year.
Wish someone would straighten that desk!

The bakers rack holds serving items. The straw holder is really ice cream bowl for Collection Etc., last year sale item. Don't love to find things you forgot you had the blue drink dispenser was at the back of a cabinet.
In the middle are a vintage picnic salt and pepper shaker.
More of the Old Navy cups.
The second shelf holds more birthday gifts but from my daughter, the star dispenser was also a gift form her. 

 This is a birdhouse that I saw at Dollar General and didn't buy. Big Jim happen to be with me when Isaw it.
Of course  I went the next day to a differnet DG they didn't have. So as we all know I should have
 bought it when I saw it.

Well last week I was back in the first DG to pick up other items and what was on the top shelf behind a flower pot.  It was really almost hidden from my eye site, (I am only 4'11 and yes I stretched out and brought it down in one piece. Happy Dance !!!!!!

I love to decorate with red, white & blue and yes I have a lot more to show you.
Please watch for part 3 OF A  RED, WHITE & BLUE JULY

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Thursday marked her 200th week of sharing beautiful table settings
  at Between Naps on the Porch!

Seasonal Sunday Teapot copy