Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Table in Green with the Retirement Blahs!

I need advise everyone! 
 How do I get out of the retirement 
I am calling it. 
Here is what is going on:
1. Sleeping doesn't come easy
2. No real energy
3. Task don't get completed
4. Getting dressed is now overrated

OOPS! this kind of sounds like Depression laziness.
OK got to get myself in gear
 I have two function here at 
my house in about two weeks. 
Meals to plan for 20 or more at each function. 

I have been keeping up on checking out all the wonderful blogs and tablescapes. 
Telling myself I am getting ideas 
for my tables and I have decided , 
that is a good thing.

Looking back on my past post 
found a table that I posted and 
remembering how
 I always worked a full day and 
then got my table ready to post.

Below is my table that  I threw  put together a while back when I had sold my dining table.

 Guess I better get myself on a 
schedule and stick to it.

This is one of my unfinished task. The Polka Dots make me smile.

Thanks for stopping by y'all.

I am joining:

Let's Dish