Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wedding with a lttle PINK

As most of you know that our daughter was married on March 10,
I thought I would share some of the activities
leading up to the wedding and during the wedding.
Her favorite colors are lime green, pink & brown so of course she choose those to use in the wedding. At each event the hostesses used those colors. I hope you enjoy.

This is the cake that was served at the shower that my side of family gave.
My cousins daughter made the cake. I think  she  did well for still being in high school.
It also tasted GOOD!

At this shower given by the church they served cake balls in all shades and flavors of pink. We have so many crafters friends and they made all the decorations and the prepared the refreshments.
The multi pink arrangement was set in
a pair of western boots.
The bride is in the middle with
 mothers and grandmothers on each side.
Of course she has on pink.

The photo below was on the registration table at the shower.
Yes my city fied daughter married a true cowboy!

The rehearsal dinner was all decked out in
 her colors with us using pink bandannas and mason jars with candles. Each guest (65 in all) were given there on mason handled jar with there name to take home. We place chalkboard vinyl paper on each glass. We used the glasses as place cards at each place setting. We had a few small ones that received there on special pink cup.

The reception area tables had a touch
 of pink ribbon and raspberries candy kisses.
I hope to have better pictures soon. This was taken the night before the wedding and they were trying to get me to go home.
Yes ladies we used over 100 lbs. of beans.
  We had 10 tables with 7 different sizes
of mason jars with beans and candles.
My SIL's grandmother is a cannier and let us use her jars.
We only used a few of the ones she sent.

The next photo was the last shot of her wedding gown shoot.
This was all done outside at a local old west retreat. 
Can you say carrying a white dress over dirt roads was a trick.
She changed for the reception to the
pink head band
 and sequin pink converse.
Sorry this picture doesn't show the shoes.
She wore western boots during the wedding. She wanted her wedding to be her and she decided that western boots was what she wanted.
Only in Texas will all the
attendants, mother of the bride and the bride wear boots.

I know I will bore all you with more as soon as we receive them.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Wedding BEANS & BLast from the past!!!!

The wedding is over and it was so wonderful.
It rained all day but they say that means good luck for the the newly weds.
This is going to be short and sweet I am still try to pack up the
left over wedding junk items,
(what do you do with 100 lbs of red beans that have a
little candle wax on them)

Rehearsal DinnerDecorations
colors she used for the wedding
But just couldn't stay away any longer.
The table is one I posted last year after
 St. Patrick's day.
 I am dreaming that this is my
 table scape now.

Dining Room Table
This was a sub table as I had sold the big table

Breakfast Area

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