Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week of Organization

Organization of 40 years of a prized collection
I only wish it had been my closets and cupboards
Here is my story
It has been awhile since I have had the energy and to even think I might be able to put words together that would make since.  Table scapeing has even had to be put on the back burner.
I work full time as the Coordinator of the Cooke County Morton Museum. At the last board meeting it was decided that we would do a complete inventory and repairs in the museum.  Let me give you a little back ground, the museum open in 1968 in a building that was built in 1884. The building was used as the caboose (Jail), firehouse & city hall until 1930. At that time it was then turned in to storage by the city and  for a while stood empty till 1967. The city decided it was time that it be demolished. The workers began to tear it down, but several concern LADIES drove by and witness the work. They immediately went to the mayor and the demolishion STOPPED. The fury of a group of women.
 I don't how many of you remember Morton potato chips, but G.C. Morton C.E.O of the company was a native of Gainesville and provided the funds to save and restore the building. I tell you all of this for I know many of you have been reorganizing you closets and cupboards. As far as we know the museum has never had a couple inventory since opening in 1968. Think how it would be to find items dated back to the 1800 and you sure can't toss them out or give them to GW. Yes we have a system I think that will help us identity all the items and properly preserve them correctly.

This is how one of the three storage area began on Monday at 8:00 am

Yes ladies those are quilts some are over 100 years old.

These ladies were organization all the clothing plus the items that were removed from the Museum.
I hate to say it but that's me with the purple flapper dress.

We have cleaned out 2 of the three storage areas and have completely filled two work areas which are 30x25 in a office close to the museum. The painting and remolding began on Wednesday with some very dedicated volunteers.  You know you have great friends and volunteers when they give up 4 full days of moving and really getting dirty.

On Friday at 3:00 pm the new clothing loft is painted and awaits new garment rods. Yes this was the room you saw in the first photo. I will keep you updated on our progress.
A word from the wise don't step off a small ladder with paint container while your talking as you might end up on the floor.
Thank goodness I am off on Monday so hope to tackle a few things if I can move faster than I have the last two days.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

My First Link attempt

I think I have linked up to Sunday Favorites at Happy Design, This is really mind blogging. I f I have caused any problems for anyone please forgive me and send me suggestions.
Since I am new at this, I am choosing my  last post as one of my favorites.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowmen Everywhere

Snowmen  Everywhere 
A few years ago my daughter and I set several tables at our church Ladies Christmas Banquet. This is one of the sets of dishes that we used. I set this table for our Christmas morning breakfast. I have seen so many other snowmen tables that I thought I would post our table.
This table is in our breakfast room. I decide to use mats as we had more than four around this table. It's called togetherness!!! The place mates are a green stripe. I'm sure you will see these again as they are reversible, (guess what holiday) I have had these for several years and believe that they are from Marshal's.

The plates and cups are from Big Lots. Glasses were rescued before they were placed in my Mom's garage sale. I was lucky.

 The center piece is a acrylic tray that I received as gift as was the snowman candle holder. The star is from a set I use for my 4th of July table. In the center of the star is an vintage restaurant creamer (toothpick holder for now) yard sale I think. Votive candles were in my candle cabinet.

 The flatware caddies were added after Christmas sale at Big Lots. The flatware is Cambridge from Ross.

 The snowman has a smile as he knows he gets to stay around longer than the one  that was built on my daughters car.

Yes my trees are still up till the weekend as I was late getting them up and want to enjoy them as long as I can get away with.
I hope to link up with other blogger table scape sites as soon as my in house computer tech has time for a training session.

My good fortune find for the Week:
Place setting for  8 of Wicker by Oneida
$20.00 Goodwill  

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Means Cleaning

When my kids were young and in school, and we had snow I was the one that usually stayed home when school was cancelled. That is when I would usually get caught up on the wash and clean out a closet. Well  today was a snow day but the kids are grown, and I still kept up my ritual of cleaning. I have not finished but now have 8 tablecloths and about 30 or so napkins sorted and ironed. Yea for the snow!!!
I even cooked a home style meal and made the wonderdful Chocalate Cresent rolls. Family decided we have a new favorite. Thanks to the blogger that shared the recipe, can't remember who.
Ok my rest time is up so it back to the closet and the ironing. Wish I had taken a photo before I started then you would know that I have put this off for awhile.
Our part of Texas is covered with snow and it is COLD!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Better Late than Never

Since I am new to blogging I seem to post before I was finished. I was attempting to add photos of my Christmas table when the computer master decided something different. I am going to try again. Wish there was a class for blogging!!!
 But before I do I want to tell you of some of the items that I was fortune to acquire in the last few weeks.
Goodwill----snack set of Suthland China (photos to come)$10.00
                    8 cut glass gold rim wine glasses which I believe maybe Mikasa $4.00
                                           (Thanks to my Mom)
Local Thrift shop----Place setting of 6 Lajean by Canonsburg $6.00
                                 Extra serving pieces for $6.00
                                Fostoria American glasses 4-$2.00
Local Antique Shop---- 8 each Red & Wooden colored chargers $15.00
In the small town where I live we have 6 thrift stores, 4 antique stores and Goodwill. I also have a mom that is retired which loves to have items to be on the search for. Now to see if I can add those photo's.

Christmas Dinning Room 2010
This is the completed table for Christmas.
Tablecloth, is a gold & silver mix of  ornaments which I purchased at Target several years ago. This was the second cloth as the first was a beige and just didn't work with the white Gibson dinnerware. The salad plates were a recent purchase from Cracker Barrel. I loved that the plates as they were printed with Love, Joy and Peace.
Chargers: Hobby Lobby/Garden Ridge

This is a better look at the salad plates. The centerpiece is reindeer inspired with my new collections this year. The two gold on the left from Dollar General and  the white  reindeer was a $1.00 at a local thrift store.
The gold material was a hand me down from my mother.
 The white trees Wal Mart and silver stars Big Lots. 
Don't you just love a great find!

 The  brass candle holder is Baldwin from a garage sale of a dear friend. I almost threw this out several years ago as the globe has broken at the base but is still usable.

I am still working on my photo shots sorry. The glassware is Americana by Fosteria, this belong to my mother-in-law. Flatware is Michelangelo.
My tree before everyone invaded.

I have researched and am still trying to identify this glassware. Can anyone help? I also now have the same glass with a gold rim.

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