Saturday, January 19, 2013

Remembering a Special Lady

Our hears are sadden.
Our family lost a wonderful lady
this week. My Husband's mom 
passed away on Monday.
She fought a long hard battle with 
Alzheimer. She went from a outgoing and going out vivacious lady to one that set in 
a chair and wanted to take a nap. 
We loved her and will miss her terribly.
She taught many things about rules for entertaining
and always setting a beautiful table. 
I will treasure  her silver service and have fond memories of   her when I am using them.
My hutch in this photo is filled
with many of her beauties.

While we mourn her passing we know that she is celebrating with her Lord and Jesus Christ.

This was her last outing when she was able to attend our daughters wedding in March.

We will also need prayer as my husband will be going in next week for a heart  catherization next week.

Maybe I should have eaten those Black eyed peas!
January has been kind of ruff so far.

Return Soon!