Saturday, October 12, 2013

Burnt Orange Game Day


Yes it is game day with a lot of 
Orange around our house

 I invite you to our 
 celebration  dinner!

Menu is diffidently Texas Style
Chicken Fiates
Re fried Beans
and all the trimming.

So get those horns up as it looks as tho the Longhorns are on a roll
and it is all uphill! 

Hope everyone is enjoying the game 
as much as we are !!!

Even our Build a Bear dressed
 for the occasion. Glad my daughter left her chip and dip bowl behind we she got married.
 Place mates are shelf lining paper for Wally Word! 
Napkins under a clear plate.
 Someone used the plates I was going to use.
 Glasses are from my Southern Living Days
 with cling decals applied.

 Football bowls & plates are Dollar Tree.
 I could not believe the color was the perfect
 Texas bunt orange

Flatware and Chargers or from my stash.
Coasters were a stocking stuffier gift from Santa to my husband.
He was born in Austin and
 says he has orange blood.

As the fourth quarter begins I will close to prepare the CELEBRATIONS feast!

That's for stopping by 

Hook-Em- Horns


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