Thursday, October 31, 2013



Hope everyone had a great Halloween

We participated in Trunk OR Treat at our church
and I of course decorated for the occasion.

What a great time we had!

No this is not my grand baby but one of the little ones
 that I get to love on and get hugs and kisses from.

Her and her 2 sisters were the three little pigs 
and her brother was the big bad wolf.
Yes that is 4 and  there is  one more brother.
Lots of hugs and sweetness!

Photo: Best trunk at fbc!
(So proud of hubby he has lost over 50 lbs!)

I have been busy with making plans for 
dinner for 30 last week and have 12 on Friday night.
Photos of tables soon!

Guess I am out of my retirement blahs!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Secret Santa Soiree

Want to have a little fun this Christmas!  
 Jump over to Colorado Lady and join her 
Secret Santa Soiree.

This were items I received from my
 SSS two years ago!

Go now as it closes October 31! 

Don't delay it really is fun!

Thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

White on White plus black=Challenge

White on White
Good evening to everyone, 
Wow what a day difference in the weather here in Texas!
Today is sweater and jacket day with yesterday started out as rainy 
and kind of warm. But that did not take long to change.
 I left the house with it being 72 and when I drove back
 in the driveway it was 56 with a cold wet rain.. Oh well I do live in Texas!

Kathleen challenged us a gain with a white challenge.
 I started early in breakfast nook and
 had it ready last week but OOPS it was for this week. 
So  here goes to Black and white with a visitor who also dressed the part.

He comes to visit every year about this time.
Black Halloween chargers with web edges---Wally World last year

 White Wicker Plate by Oneida--Goodwill find

 Octagon  salad plate not marked---Thrift Store
No glitter just Halloween tree reflection!
Skeleton bowls----DT last year

 Milk glass grape pattern goblet----Estate Sale
The goblet sets in a spider cupcake holder---????
 White mug is also Wicker by Oneida
 Flatware is Cambridge----Ross

Fiesta creamer & Sugar---Canton Fiesta Outlet

Black napkins and Spider web napkin rings-----Dillard's clearance last year
Napkins have a pumpkin trim

White Milk pitcher not marked--had to add a little spider ribbon
He is smiling as he gets to join his  other ghostly pals.
He  sits upon  a black cake stand to watch for others to 
join us for a warm and cozy breakfast
Please pull up a chair and join us!

I will be joining:
 Cusine Kathleen--Let's Dish

Tablescape Thursday

I would love to have you
follow along on my journey!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Burnt Orange Game Day


Yes it is game day with a lot of 
Orange around our house

 I invite you to our 
 celebration  dinner!

Menu is diffidently Texas Style
Chicken Fiates
Re fried Beans
and all the trimming.

So get those horns up as it looks as tho the Longhorns are on a roll
and it is all uphill! 

Hope everyone is enjoying the game 
as much as we are !!!

Even our Build a Bear dressed
 for the occasion. Glad my daughter left her chip and dip bowl behind we she got married.
 Place mates are shelf lining paper for Wally Word! 
Napkins under a clear plate.
 Someone used the plates I was going to use.
 Glasses are from my Southern Living Days
 with cling decals applied.

 Football bowls & plates are Dollar Tree.
 I could not believe the color was the perfect
 Texas bunt orange

Flatware and Chargers or from my stash.
Coasters were a stocking stuffier gift from Santa to my husband.
He was born in Austin and
 says he has orange blood.

As the fourth quarter begins I will close to prepare the CELEBRATIONS feast!

That's for stopping by 

Hook-Em- Horns

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pink Zebra Party

!!!!!Zebra Party!!!!

 First I hope everyone is enjoying the change in the weather.
 Air conditioner off and windows open. 
The trees are turning and I finally think
 Mother Nature has  got her calendar straighten out.

My daughter has embarked on a new adventure.
 She is now a Pink Zebra consultant and 
had her launch party here last night. 
(What we do for our children)
Pink Zebra is a unique scented wax melt that 
are available in over 50 different scents.
 I have included the link below for you to check out this new product. 
My house really does smell wonderful!

Pink Zebra Home

Of course you know I had to meet her theme of Pink Zebra
 so just wanted to show you a few photos
 of the launch party refreshment table.

No plastic tonight, I pulled out glass snack trays, glass cups 
and my cut glass punch bowls.
 Recently a few ladies and I decided that we need
 to start using those items that we are saving.
 Why save them USE them and enjoy. 
So I did, several ladies made comments
 that they also had there's packed away.

 Lucky me!
Zebra napkin rings found antiquing recently.

Our menu:  
Pink Sherbet Zesty Punch
Pink Sparkle Peanut Butter Cookies
Neiman Marcus Dip/Crackers
Fresh Apple Cake
(Lots of Pink and Black)

Daughter set up her merchandise table with of course
 Pink Zebra, black and pink.

Don't you love the turkey and pumpkin.
 I was hoping she would forget them. 
But no such luck!

Hope you check her out on Face book.
 You can contact her if you have any
 questions or want more information.

Just to let you know that she did not PAY me or 
compensate me for this information
 it is just a mom being a Mom and getting the
word out for her daughter.

Thanks for stopping by Ya'll.
Catch you later at Cuisine Kathleen 
"Let's Dish"