Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blog Background Change………………..!!!!!!!

Does it take a 
rocket scientist to change 
a background? 
I think in my case either 
my mind or my computer skills have gone on the blink.

Maybe I  should never change the background.
 I look at all the neat blog backgrounds and think that's the one I like.
But how oh how!
I will try again wish me luck!


I have been AWOL for a while
My plate has really been
 full for a while
with the lose of  my Mother-Law
Husband having stints
Back Problems-myself
and every day normal ups and downs.
 I think I may see a light at the
 end of the tunnel! 
  I will be back in full force.
I have missed table scaping. 
It hasn't stopping me from
viewing other blogs 
and picking up a few items.
I have a lot of great ideals 
that I hope to share soon.
Below is just one find---
that was not found in a thrift shop
but where else but my Mom's cabinet.
Isn't  it  fun to shop at home----are at mom's home.

See you soon in Blog land.
I am joining 
"Lets Dish"

Thanks for dropping by 
Please leave a word or two