Saturday, March 15, 2014

Luck of the Irish


Busy day today new dryer delivered,
(how do we survive with out one) 
Sunday School fellowship Party tonight.
OOPS !! can I bring decoration??? Not planned??? 
 But could not pass up sharing by St. Patrick table and my find at a new-old antique store.
 My dish alcoholic friend and I went to a local 
Vintage glass show last weekend
 and boy was that an eye opener. 
Let me tell you there prices were not
my usual Thrift store prices. 
We said it was like going to a 
car show to window shop!
 Needless to say I only found one
 bargain and that was because I won 
a $10.00 door prize that could 
be used at any of the vendors. 
So I did come home with one more
 Anchor Hocking green juice glass. Sweet!!!

 Boy have there price gone up 
since I last purchased one.
 Next we stop by a Thrift store
 and found four more of my 
Warren Kimble plates that
 I have not used in a while.

 Now for the Luck of the Irish find! 
We spotted a Antique store  on the way down,
that I had not visited in years so we made 
a stop on our way home and
 I hit the jackpot  are the Irish pot of gold.
 Instead of more words I'll show the pictures.

My find was 5 mugs with tags from Jo-Ann's
 originally marked $4.99 each, for
$5.00 for all 5,
 but wait there is more,
 the entire booth was 20% off.
Yes they jumped right in my 
hands and I did the happy dance
 all the way to the counter.
I got all five for less than one cost originally.
That was a big Yea Haw for my pocket book.
Share my other finds soon!

I really had decided it was so late 
that I would not even get my
St Patrick table together but as you
 can see my mind was changed.
Here are a few more picture of a 
very quickly thrown together table.

The only two new items on this table 
 are the mugs and my napkin rings.
You'll never guess what the
rings were to be used for!!! 

Do you have a guess!!
They are ponytail bands. 
Found them at Jo-Ann's 2 for $1.00

Really the colors do blend , don't know why the hats seem blue

Hope everyone has a great weekend
and  you enjoy St. Patrick's Day
Don't forget to wear that green!

Thanks for dropping by!

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