Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Special Guest

I have been preparing for this blog most of the day. I am expecting a few special quest. I set the table, changed out my hutch and decorated the mantel. At this time (10:30 pm) I am setting dressed in my grubbies finest. We dinned on our paper plates fine china with personalized individual  sandwiches de dindel. I  ironed that dress shirt for Big Jim preparing for the evening. Oh yes he was so wore out after his golf game all the preparations he had to retire. I say all this only to say that I had a great day preparing for this blog and love to decorate and set table scape's for special  guest . I hope you have as much fun ringing in the New Year as I am for I will be admiring all the wonderful bloggers New Years spectacular blogs.

I wish all GOOD HEALTH,

Now for the result of my labor of  Love for Decorating

The Mantel


Dining Table

I lite the candles and YES I think that will work,
 please have a seat you are

(Guess what ladies I shopped my home and the only thing new is the salad plates.
 that is for all my New Year's decorating.)


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become a follower as we began the new year.

I think I made it before 12:00 Texas time.  <;~)

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

******The Attack of the Blog GHOST*****

Image Detail

Yes the blog "GHOST"attacked my Blog. <:(
Yesterday my blog and email was mysteriously disabled. Of course I was mortified. All I could think of was what did I do and will I get it all back. Well as you can see I am back. After about two hours of emails and trying to get in to by blog and my e-mail I received this wonderful email.
We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. The issue you  described should now be resolved.
After that was resolved I decided to change my background-----what was I thinking--------. Again the blog "GHOST" attacked and would not let me delete some of the background on the sides. I even reached out to Coloradolady for help. Thanks Susan for all the suggestions. My daughter came to the rescue and it maybe early  for Valentines but I now have a new look that
I ain't going to change till March.  Ok, I told a story got up the courage and tried to changed it again.
********IT WORKED *******
I think I hold the record for changes in one day. 
Thanks Misty for sending the blog Ghost on it's way.

Everyday I think what I am doing.............
but here I am blogging again and enjoying it and
loving all the new friends I have made along the way.

Hope those of you that Have had this same
 experience ended as good as mine.

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Hope you have a blessed day <;)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is Christmas Really over?????

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas
I know that my family and I were really blessed.

A  month ago we began to
 cooked and cooked
 visited the relatives
 attended the parties
but I hope that all remembered the true reason for the season
To celebrated the birth of
Jesus Christ.

Our day  began with a wonderful breakfast and
 then off to church.
Our family arrived and the gift exchange began.
(For some reason my pictures are not available of my living room. But found this one on how I image that every ones living room must have looked on Christmas morning)

Image Detail

As we begin the count down to the new year.
 I hope everyone is safe and plan to enjoy bringing in the
 New Year.

Let the count down begin!!!!!!

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Have a bless day<;)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Secret Santa Gift Arrived

Today was a fun day! My door bell rang about 11:00 and there was my Secret Santa box! I joined other bloggers in 

Thanks to Suzanne for hostessing the Secret Santa Soiree.

Of course I had to run and get the camera
 but the anticipation was killing me.
Yes it was a BIG BOX, what could it contain?

The return address was from right here in the big state of TEXAS........OK I know open open open!
 Oh it says fragile does that mean dishes?

Finally I found the scissors and look at all the goodies.

Lovely Card
Gift #1
Warm Fuzzy Socks

Gift  #2
Cinnamon Spice Candle

Gift #3
Bright Red Towel

Oh! but there are still so many round gifts to open
 and this what I found.

Gift #4







United States





Yes there were 12 plates with images representing 12
 different countries.  What a great Secret Santa I had.

One more gift there were also a set of cupcake baking cups.

This is a photo of all the goodies that were in my package.

The plates are already in there NEW home
 in my hutch.

Don't they look GREAT!!!!!

Thanks to SS in Teague Texas,
what a wonderful treat and surprise.

If you missed Secret Santa with Coloradolady mark your
 calendar so you won't miss out next year.

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*******************Merry Christmas****************

Sunday, December 11, 2011

OH! MY! Christmas is 14 Days away!

14 Days and counting

This is going to be quick and simple! I am so far behind I hope that I can get things done. The crude has arrived at our home and I can't rid of it. After working 20 hours(greeting over 250 people)  in the last two days I came home and crashed on the couch. I hope that tomorrow will be better.
Thank goodness for all the wonderful Christmas blogs. I have at least had something to do besides watching football between coughs. Enough .........................
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Hope to post my decoration and tree soon.

Thanks for stopping by.