Monday, April 6, 2015

Celebrating Easter

Celebrating Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the Resurrections of  our
Lord Jesus Christ.  
My husband , daughter and I was privileged to be apart of our church choir for the musical presentation of
 'The Story'.

What a great way to celebrate Easter by 
hearing a musical that focuses on the
 life, death and resurrection of 
Jesus Christ


I was given the task of decorating the 
front of the pulpit and stage area.
Our choir director ask that I try to have the decoration resemble the cover of the musical.
This was the front cover

Easy Right!!!!


Here is what I came up with. 
I had two wonderful ladies as helpers

OK ,you know I just had to add a few things.

Close Ups!!!!

 We have a talented young lady that made the 
crown to match the cover.
We were very proud of the end results.
Then we thought why stop here so 
we added a few things to the foyer.

(Oops I see my reflection)

The musical was a wonderful way that we were able to share about
The life of Jesus Christ.


My family gathered after the service to what has become our traditional 
meal of chicken and spaghetti and loads of goodies.

We have no small ones, so we enjoyed a quite afternoon with family,
 kind of glad it was muddy, cool and damp here in Texas.

Just a quick look at our Easter table, simple and bright!


Thanks for dropping by
I think Spring has finally come to Texas!!!!

I am joining'

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