Sunday, February 27, 2011

My First Hutch

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Since joining the wonderful world of Tablescaping blogging it seems that my collection(s)and needs wants for some reason have multiplied some what. Things seem to find there way in the back of my vehicle when I visit GW and Thrift Stores. At one of the thrift stores the owner graciously let me help unpack her new finds. I don't now if that is a good thing or bad.
  Hope Big Jim doesn't decide to view my blog site today.
This all means that I decided that I must have a china hutch. I have searched eBay, Craiglist, estate sale, thrift stores and even retail. Style or price wasn't right. I knew what I wanted but I was not finding it. I thought I have to wait patiently I will find the right one.
 (Oh yes patience is not one of best traits).
  I began daily searching Craiglist  
 as we say in TEXAS,last night just before I went to bed I checked Craigslist one more time and there it was. Not only was it a great price and the exact one that I had found on the Internet and even showed Big Jim, it is 30 minutes of were I live. The bad news is we could not pick it up till Monday afternoon. So I am counting down the time till it is setting in my house. Oh yes I also sold my dining room table today so guess what that means. Let the hunt begin. I do have a replacement for the table but chairs will be my quest. If you can't tell I am as happy as a kind in a toy store. This is my great find for the week,
I feel I won the lottery.

I will be posting an update when she is all dressed up and presentable for visitors.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Late Valentine Post/Time for Blogging

Late Valentine Post/Time for Blogging

Everyday I can't wait to view all the wonderful post. Now here is my dilema, I want to post a blog and tablescapes but get so wrapped up in viewing and checking out everyone else's blog I run out of time. I tip my hat to all you bloggers who can get those table scapes prepared,ready and posted. I just can't quite the hang of all the blogging tricks.  I am open and willing to any suggestions and how your schedule your blogging time.
I know this is way past Valentines but just want to show off my Valentine Table.

I also have been out thrifty and found some great deals and am trying to find the name of this tea set that I picked up at Goodwill. I could not get a good photo of the marking. I was able to see Sutherland China made in England but no pattern name. I hope some one can identify the pattern.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Find of a Lifetime

*********WE ALL DREAM********
As we search at thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales, we are always on the look out for that hidden treasure. I ran across this story on yahoo headline. So thrifters all I can say is never give up the search as you never know when you may find a real treasure on one of those outing. Check out the article about this Ming Vase.

It's the dream of any antique collector: You impulsively spend a few bucks on a trinket at an estate sale or an antiques store, and later discover that it's worth more than what you paid for it. Much more.
And that's pretty much the dream that came true for a 79-year-old British retired worker from the Cadbury chocolate factory, who recently walked into an auction house with a near-perfect Ming vase in a cardboard box.

Wow, I am thinking a major shopping trip and definitely a large dish room storage. I can only wish for a find like this.

I have officially been in this house for for 168 hours. The rest of my family have ventured out to the mailbox and trash can, but I have not set a foot out of this house. I am having shoppers with drawl. We now have about 4 inch of snow on top of ice guess I will be here a few more hours (days).

Stay warm and continue to dream.

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