Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pre- St Patrick Table

As usual I have deleted my photos from
 my older St Patrick tables. 
So here is my breakfast table and my seasonal tree from the past that I found in my photos.

Now on to get my table for 2014 ready!!

Hope you are having a great.
Please come back to see my current table.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

In Between Holiday Tablescapes

As I set here writing this, West Texas sand has blown in to North Texas
 and my head is telling me about it. I use to live in West Texas 
an always suffered when those red clouds blew in.
 Only in Texas can you have in one month
 ICE< SNOW<10 degrees <SUN with  75 degrees< 
29 mile gust with SAND  and 65 degrees.
 Guess it is better than 10 feet of snow and 10 degrees. 

During this time of the year I am in a dilemma
Don't you hate it when you are undecided!
 I think it is to early for St. Patrick decoration, Mardi Gras isn't until  March
 and then Easter is in April. 
What to do?????
 So thought I would pull out some of the dishes I have not used in a while.
 So here is a quick look at my In Between Tablescape.

Country Life 
by Warren Kimble

Red Round Barn 
 Rooster egg cups & Barn napkin rings
were a Thrift store but before I ever found the dishware.

Barn with a steeple
Rooster juice glasses-Pottery Barn
Fosteria American water glass--MIL
Coffee Mug-Warren Kimble-Country Quartet
Flatware-TJ MAXX
Vintage creamer--Thrift Store
Moo Cow--Salt & Pepper--???

Chargers--Pier 1
Cake Stand-Marshall's

White two story Barn

Rooster Pitcher-Creamer & Sugar--Target
Barn Cookie Jar--Gift from my Mom
Tiny chicken in the Cloche--?????

Red Barn Cookie JAR

All the Warren Kimble dishes were found at Goodwill, some in my home town 
and others at Goodwill in Amarillo!!!
Maybe that is why the sand is blowing, 
wanted the dishes to fill they were at home ;) 

Visited a friend  that I play dishes with yesterday. Just had  to share her tablescape 
        Table 1
Check below which tablecloth do you like best. 
Table 2

 I have not talked  her in to blogging so I get to share her tables with you.
She is a dish alcoholic like me!
Isn't it great to have friends to play dishes with. 
Thanks for stopping by!
Please fill free to follow me on my crazy journey!

I am joining:
Tablescape Thursday

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sutherland China Search

Help with Identifying China!!!!!
No I did fall off the earth, just had things going on. 
I can't seem to get warm and am really tired
 of this weather here in Texas.
 Things are looking good for the weekend. 
 Looks like we may see some sun 
Please let it be true! 

Now Bloggers
I need a little help! 
I was going through a cabinet and I found a few pieces of Sutherland China 
stacked at the back.
 I only have a few cups, saucers,dessert plates
 and a couple of square plates. 
I have searched and cannot find
 anything about the pattern. 
One of the plates does have the Sutherland China, 
Made in England with the crown in the middle. 
There is also 971 in gold marked on the cups, 
all the other pieces have no marking at all.
 If anyone has any information 
I would love to hear from you.

The flowers are more pink 
than red like in the photo.

I will be using some of the pieces on my 
Valentine Table
 which I hope to finish tomorrow.
All most missed it!

Stay warm and safe. 
 See you in blog land!

Love to read your comments y'all