Monday, September 23, 2013


This week is going to be a busy week around here! We have revival at our church, we have already had two amazing services on Sunday. We began with an old fashion service with Gospel Music and a great sermon and then we all enjoyed a pot luck lunch with Men's and Women's quartets during lunch.  Our God is amazing and I know he has big plans for us this week. To end the week the Women's Ministry will be holding a one day Ladies Retreat and of course I am part of the committee. I plan to take pictures and share soon.

Even though the week will be busy I did not want to miss Kathleen's challenge of an apple tablescape. Of course I knew what dishes I was going to use and had it all planned in my wee little brain. But then came the sudden thought I SOLD those dishes. So what is a gal to do but go on the HUNT. I began my search in my cabinets I only found one small apple dish! No that can't be, I know I have more. Well they must  be packed away in the wonderful storage building that I do not have time to go to. 
Again what is a girl to do SHOP of course!
But that was not on the agenda either, too much going on. By luck we had to have food so  I made a quick stop at Dollar General. Guess what I found on the sale table that were 1/2 Price what is girl to do BUY of course.
Hope you guessed Apple Salad plates. 
They were not traditional colors but I will make it work. 
Now let the show began!
Since I am short on time just going to post pictures. 
Hope you enjoy!

Sorry this is a little fuzzie.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fiesta!!!! Fiesta!!!!

Fiesta/Fiesta Dinner
Hope everyone is having a great Holiday weekend. 
My plans are to go only where it is COOL!
Friday it was only a 105! 
Can you say HOT! 
 Our calendars may be changing to September
 but for some reason 
 mother nature hasn't  changed her calendar. 
Oh well if you live in Texas wait a day and 
it will be 70 degrees..............I am ready.
Big Jim and I hosted  a dinner for our 
Church  fellowship group on Friday. 
We never thought that it would be so hot.  
Of course I  had to use the oven then add 20 people.
 Our poor air conditioner never shut off. 
We had planned to use the deck
 but with it being on the West side of house 
and not covered , inside we all had to be. 
That means we I moved furniture and brought in tables. 
I think hope that I am not the only one 
who has crazy ideas at the last minute.
 I decided to paint my folding chairs on Thursday morning and the dinner was Friday. I did it! 
I was in our back yard painting 
and kind of disturbed 
some golfers with the shaking of the paint can. 
That's the way it goes when you live on a golf course.
You know as a dish-alcoholic I could
NOT use paper or plastic.
 I might have been banned from tablescaping <;)
 With our menu being Mexican Fiesta 
 can you guess what dishes I choose to use.
FIESTA  of course!!!!!

I set up the appetizers and  cool drinks 
as you entered.

Had early arrivals before I got  the appetizers out so no photos of the goodies. 

I set my dinning room table for 8, 
a extra round table for 8 and the card table for 4. 
This may be an overload of photos but
  I wanted to show all three tables.

Dinning Table
 I began with a orange tablecloth. 
 Not only was the dinnerware Fiesta but also 
the Fiesta Brand tablecloth. 
 I got on clearance at Ross several years ago. 
The place mats are   from Dollar Tree, 
just turned them vertical. 
Then overlapped two for the center of the table.

Napkins are all orange on this table with 
Sombrero napkin rings. 
 I Copied and cut each one out
 and attached with double sided tape.

Center piece is a Fiesta pitcher
 with colorful Dollar Tree artificial flowers. 
The chair was a thrift find. 
 Charros salt pepper shakers have been in 
my stash for awhile. 
   Aren't they cute!
All the place setting had a different color of  a 
Fiesta plate and flatware was a 
variety of makes and colors.

 View of the completed table.

Extra Table of  8

This table was set with a yellow cloth and
 round place mats of turquoise and orange 
with a variety of Fiesta plates.
 The glasses I used for all tables were
 blue Libby which came from the
 outlet in Shreveport Mississippi. 
These were purchased long 
before I became a serious tablescaper. 
The clear stripped glasses are Sango/Sue Zipkin,
 which I scored really cheap at Goodwill awhile back. Napkins are bandannas from Hobby Lobby
 with the same sombrero napkin rings. 
 Center piece is bring green Fiesta pitcher. 
A loaner from my daughter 
with artificial flowers and cactus candle
If you look close you can see
 all three of the tables in  photo above. 
Yes we were all in the same room.
 Another set of  salt and pepper shakers
 from my collection that was given
 to me by my BIL many years ago.

 See my newly paint chairs. Ye Ha!
 The small bowls were used for Queso or salsa.
A surprise that I uncovered in my cabinet.
Yes, forgot I had them. 

Table for Four
This is one of two of  vintage 
Mexican table cloths that I own.
 Wish I had taken  a photo before I set the table. 
Mexico is embroidered in the center.
 Again each setting is in a variety of colors
that I used on the other two tables. 

We had a great time, with great food and wonderful fellowship.

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 please stay cool and safe on this
Labor Day Weekend.

Following me is like waiting on your child,
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