Saturday, August 5, 2017

Forgotten Blog

**Forgotten Blog**

8 months of Family Health Issues
I do not want to bore you with my last 8 months,
 but here is a short version:
Husband= 4 surgery's
Daughter= Hospital stay for 4 days, 
2 surgery's--now on Dialysis 
Dad= Thumb almost cut off & 
Congestive Heart Failure
 & Now seeing 4 new Dr.'s


Only He can carry you through tough times.

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I want to say Thanks to all of you bloggers 
and your wonderful blogs.
 All of you provided me with  smiles and
 hope that things will return to normal soon.
You were my nightly shot of  encouragement!

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Here is a post from the past
Summer Deck

Thanks Ya'll for stopping by


  1. Oh my, You've have had a lot to deal with! Wising you and your family the best and glad to see you are back!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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