Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Means !!!!!

Summer means 
Vacation Bible School

My week has been kind of busy!
We are holding VBS at our church this week.
We began last Wednesday with a pool pre-registration with over 60 kids. 
Preparing hot dogs and the fixing--drinks.
You know when your daughter is the Director you are 
assigned ask with a SMILE to help.
I received the assignment of cooking 
for all VBS workers and families. 
The church provides a meal every night of VBS so
 the families do not have to worry about meals that week.

Of course that means menu for 5 nights 
plus refreshments for Parent's night 
Our Theme for the week is Agent D3

So keeping with the Spy theme
My menu:
Safe House Burgers
Pocket Litter Pasta
Undercover Taco Salad
Double Agent Ham
Cover Up Sandwiches

Spy Hopping  Refreshments

I have 3 wonderful ladies that have been a great help.
 Could not have done it with out them

I keep forgetting to take picture but here is couple I did take.
More later as you have to see the room decorations.

Director (In Red) receiving words of wisdom! 
This group provides the snacks for the kids ever night.

Mr. Spy entertaining kids during snacks.
Borrowed my decorations for his time to shine.

Director--Registration Director--Snack Director
adding up attendance.
 In the back ground you can see my daily food supply.
Our church members are very generous they provide many 
of the items for the meals and 
snacks for our hard working staff. 

This is what it looked like when
!!!!140 kids !!!!
invaded the Sanctuary on the 2nd night

We are just a small town church in Texas!!!!

Saw a saying that said,  I  am tired but it is 
VBS tired but what
 a blessing that comes out of this tired. 
Say a prayer for kids and all the workers.

Hope to post more later in the week.

Thanks for stopping by Y'all!

Love to hear and see about your VBS experience's.


  1. God bless your daughter and you for this most important ministry. It will have a lifetime effect on so many children. Thanks! Cherry Kay

  2. Oh my word, how fabulous is this. I am so thrilled to see so many children at VBS. I remember my time in VBS during the summer and I also chaperoned when my children were small. So much fun. God Bless you for all the hard work.

  3. Its just such a wonderful setting, looks like everyone is having such a wonderful time...Love all the young people becoming so involved, gotta love it, loved the post,


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