Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Table that Wasn't

"Count Down to A 
New Year"

with a sad face

Due to the fact that 
I am unable to download 
any of my photos from
 my 2014
New Years  Eve 

 I still wanted to wish everyone a 

********Happy New Year********* 

You can see a small snippet on my
Facebook or Instagram page!!

2011 Table

2011 Mantel

Please stay warm 
Drive safely

If anyone has suggestion please fill free to send them my way. 
Problem------- when I click on insert photo it will not
 go to my  photos saved on my computer. 
I even tried to insert new header photo and would not let me 

Thanks for dropping by
see you next year!!



  1. Happy New Cathy ,
    These photos are gorgeous and we will be waiting to see the party photos when you are able to post them . It has bee a pleasure following you this past year .
    ~Nee~ ...

  2. oops...sorry you can't download it your camera or your computer?
    These photos are lovely.....
    xo bj

  3. Drives a person insane, doesn't it??!??!! These crazy cameras and computers and all the other "convenience of technology" items we own....they'll send ya right to the front of the line at the nut house!!! I'm so sorry you weren't able to get your photos loaded, but I have no doubt you set a beautiful table if your 2011 sampling is any indication! I'll pop over to FB to get a glimpse of this year's. I don't know anything about Instagram. It takes me a full 3+ years to catch onto anything new!!!

    Happy 2015! May it bring you joy, prosperity, peace and happiness!


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