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Small Town Patriotism

Small Town Patriotism

I live in a small town in northern TEXAS, this week we have been host to a committee from the USA Today, Rand McNally. Gainesville is in the running for
the   Most Patriotic Small Town in the USA.

One of the things that makes Gainesville the Most Patriotic Small Town in the USA is that we are the only Medal of Honor Host city in the USA. This began about 10 years ago and has grown to great magnitude. It's a great weekend where Medal of Honor recipients are honored. There are parades, banquets and a time the recipients to share there stories with elementary school  students.
Mark your calendar and come visit our town to honor these great men on the second weekend of April. Check out the Medal of Honor web site.
We pull out all the stops  to show our small town hospitality.........merchants decorated there store fronts.......everyone wore red white blue and
special  designed T -shirts..............
flags were flying  all around.
Photo: We are honored to report that Medal of Honor Recipient Kenny Stumpf and his wife, Dorothy, will be Gainesville's guests during Rand McNally's visit in search of "The Most Patriotic Small City in America" activities and events this coming week.

Gainesville is among six cities in contention for the honor. 

The Stumpfs will arrive this Friday and attend the Summer Sounds concert in the evening before welcoming the folks from Rand McNally.  

Pictured is The Gainesville Chamber's young employee, Bruna Gomes--a key member of the Most Patriotic City effort.  

The Rand McNally/USA Today "Most Patriotic Small City in America" team will visit Gainesville July 2-3rd;
Citizen quote: Helen McHorse.
What an honor to be part of this great community and to share with others. As usual, we worked together, played together, laughed together, and took care of one another just as usual. What was portrayed this is week was not a staged event, rather it is simply "what we do!" Thanks to everyone for making this a great week! I am proud of us!
Sorry for overload of photos just wanted you to see how special our Patriotic Town is and even more special as we celebrate our Great Nation.
Cahoots Handbags welcomes USA Today, Rand McNally, and the Best of the Road RV Crew to the Most Patriotic Small Town in the USA -
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Paige Davidson

They were greeted on Sunday afternoon, by a very excited group !



Monday Night was the Pedal The Medal Parade


Tuesday morning over 100 of us gave the committee a Texas flash mob good morning welcome with the singing of the EYE'S OF TEXAS. Everyone was decked out in red white and blue, and of course there were hats and boots.
Citizen comment:
Gainesville has been proving it's the Most Patriotic Small Town in America for many years. All you need to do is visit us once, and you see what we take our being Americana's seriously.   

 Check out the Randal McNally site for other cities that are in the running. Keep your fingers crossed we want this BAD. We have to wait till July 25 to hear the results.

Check out this video on
MidLife Road Trip Visits Gainesville, TX
I am proud to have been born and raised in

I hope everyone had a great and safe 4th.

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  1. Now this is awesome! I love a small town and how everyone will come together like this! You should be voted the BEST and MOST PATRIOTIC small town in America!!

  2. Thanks for your sweet note earlier! I'm crossing my fingers with you!!! What an honor to be in the running!! I'm a proud Texan, too and I think Gainesville is so GREAT!!!
    XO, Aimee

  3. Good luck! How exciting. thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. How exciting for Gainsville! Thank your for sharing your patriotic town at Potpourri Friday at 2805! I'll be watching for the results! A fellow Texan!


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