Monday, December 12, 2011

Secret Santa Gift Arrived

Today was a fun day! My door bell rang about 11:00 and there was my Secret Santa box! I joined other bloggers in 

Thanks to Suzanne for hostessing the Secret Santa Soiree.

Of course I had to run and get the camera
 but the anticipation was killing me.
Yes it was a BIG BOX, what could it contain?

The return address was from right here in the big state of TEXAS........OK I know open open open!
 Oh it says fragile does that mean dishes?

Finally I found the scissors and look at all the goodies.

Lovely Card
Gift #1
Warm Fuzzy Socks

Gift  #2
Cinnamon Spice Candle

Gift #3
Bright Red Towel

Oh! but there are still so many round gifts to open
 and this what I found.

Gift #4







United States





Yes there were 12 plates with images representing 12
 different countries.  What a great Secret Santa I had.

One more gift there were also a set of cupcake baking cups.

This is a photo of all the goodies that were in my package.

The plates are already in there NEW home
 in my hutch.

Don't they look GREAT!!!!!

Thanks to SS in Teague Texas,
what a wonderful treat and surprise.

If you missed Secret Santa with Coloradolady mark your
 calendar so you won't miss out next year.

Thanks for dropping by, please leave a comment.

*******************Merry Christmas****************


  1. Cathy, these plates are simply amazing!! What a fantastic surprise!!! Very unique!! So glad you participated and enjoyed yourself!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  2. Too Cute! Love the plates and the fact that you've already got them displayed. Merry Christmas!

  3. I love your plates! They look great in your hutch!

  4. My word, you no doubt had the best Santa out there. What a marvelous and wonderful package. I never saw plates like that and really love them. You were very fortunate. So far, I have not received anything. Santa may have thought I was too old. But that is okay.

  5. Love the plates especially the one showing Sweden as I am half Swedish! What a wonderful Secret Santa you had!


  6. Those plates look great! How close to OK? I lived in Denton for undergrad! Went to gainsville for some Taco Casa before Denton built one :-p

  7. Wow, that's a whole collection of plates, not just a start! That's fabulous! What a great gift box.

  8. Well I am trying to find out who my secret Santa is..could it be you? The package came from TX but I am not sure... Looks like you got an amazing pkg there. Love the plates!


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