Sunday, February 27, 2011

My First Hutch

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Since joining the wonderful world of Tablescaping blogging it seems that my collection(s)and needs wants for some reason have multiplied some what. Things seem to find there way in the back of my vehicle when I visit GW and Thrift Stores. At one of the thrift stores the owner graciously let me help unpack her new finds. I don't now if that is a good thing or bad.
  Hope Big Jim doesn't decide to view my blog site today.
This all means that I decided that I must have a china hutch. I have searched eBay, Craiglist, estate sale, thrift stores and even retail. Style or price wasn't right. I knew what I wanted but I was not finding it. I thought I have to wait patiently I will find the right one.
 (Oh yes patience is not one of best traits).
  I began daily searching Craiglist  
 as we say in TEXAS,last night just before I went to bed I checked Craigslist one more time and there it was. Not only was it a great price and the exact one that I had found on the Internet and even showed Big Jim, it is 30 minutes of were I live. The bad news is we could not pick it up till Monday afternoon. So I am counting down the time till it is setting in my house. Oh yes I also sold my dining room table today so guess what that means. Let the hunt begin. I do have a replacement for the table but chairs will be my quest. If you can't tell I am as happy as a kind in a toy store. This is my great find for the week,
I feel I won the lottery.

I will be posting an update when she is all dressed up and presentable for visitors.

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  1. Cathy, that hutch is gorgeous...can't wait to see it filled with your dishes.

  2. What a pretty piece Cathy!~ What are you going to do with this pretty piece? I bet fill it with lots of pretties.


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