Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sutherland China Search

Help with Identifying China!!!!!
No I did fall off the earth, just had things going on. 
I can't seem to get warm and am really tired
 of this weather here in Texas.
 Things are looking good for the weekend. 
 Looks like we may see some sun 
Please let it be true! 

Now Bloggers
I need a little help! 
I was going through a cabinet and I found a few pieces of Sutherland China 
stacked at the back.
 I only have a few cups, saucers,dessert plates
 and a couple of square plates. 
I have searched and cannot find
 anything about the pattern. 
One of the plates does have the Sutherland China, 
Made in England with the crown in the middle. 
There is also 971 in gold marked on the cups, 
all the other pieces have no marking at all.
 If anyone has any information 
I would love to hear from you.

The flowers are more pink 
than red like in the photo.

I will be using some of the pieces on my 
Valentine Table
 which I hope to finish tomorrow.
All most missed it!

Stay warm and safe. 
 See you in blog land!

Love to read your comments y'all 


Your comments are always a special treat to my day.