Monday, September 23, 2013


This week is going to be a busy week around here! We have revival at our church, we have already had two amazing services on Sunday. We began with an old fashion service with Gospel Music and a great sermon and then we all enjoyed a pot luck lunch with Men's and Women's quartets during lunch.  Our God is amazing and I know he has big plans for us this week. To end the week the Women's Ministry will be holding a one day Ladies Retreat and of course I am part of the committee. I plan to take pictures and share soon.

Even though the week will be busy I did not want to miss Kathleen's challenge of an apple tablescape. Of course I knew what dishes I was going to use and had it all planned in my wee little brain. But then came the sudden thought I SOLD those dishes. So what is a gal to do but go on the HUNT. I began my search in my cabinets I only found one small apple dish! No that can't be, I know I have more. Well they must  be packed away in the wonderful storage building that I do not have time to go to. 
Again what is a girl to do SHOP of course!
But that was not on the agenda either, too much going on. By luck we had to have food so  I made a quick stop at Dollar General. Guess what I found on the sale table that were 1/2 Price what is girl to do BUY of course.
Hope you guessed Apple Salad plates. 
They were not traditional colors but I will make it work. 
Now let the show began!
Since I am short on time just going to post pictures. 
Hope you enjoy!

Sorry this is a little fuzzie.

I will be joining Cuisine Kathleen Apple challenge
Please drop by and take at look.

Thanks for stopping by hoping you are 
enjoying the cool fall weather

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  1. Hi Cathy , what a lovely post and the table settings is gorgeous . I will drop by Cathleen to see what you are up too and I am also one of your new followers , thanks for sharing :).

  2. Love your non-traditional apple table...anything green is the best! The salad plate really shows up nicely against that emerald green.
    I bought 12 of those apple plates at our WalMart and there were still lots left!
    Have a wonderful week...

  3. Very cute Cathy!! You were so lucky to find those cute plates at DG, I never have much luck there~I love your centerpiece basket of apples and the fun beaded spoons!

  4. Very cute table, Cathy! I am all for non-traditional colors! Thanks for visiting--I'm happy to be a follower!

  5. Hi Cathy, I think you found some great apple dishes! And I love the way you made the green apples on them pop by using the emerald green dish underneath. This is a very cute and welcoming table! Linda

  6. Cathy, I adore your green and yellow table! And, the pop of blue on the apple plates is a wonderful addition to the greens and yellows. Thanks for sharing your cheerful and happy apple table!
    His blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  7. Cute table. I think I'm the only person that doesn't have apple dishes! I like the glass dishes- they add a nice lustre without taking away from the apple dishes.

  8. Cathy, I almost cried, when I saw your table. My mother used to have those green glass plates and matching bowls. I do not know what happened to them, but I wish I had them! Love the green salad plates that you bought - what a find. Great job - thanks for sharing!!

  9. Oh, those green glass plates were PERFECT to use beneath the cute apple plates! I really love this color scheme.

  10. I am loving the apple plates and with those green glass ones....perfect! Very cute apple table.

  11. Love the slightly different twist on the color scheme for your apple challenge. Great find on those salad plates. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


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