Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkins & Candy Corn

Hell-o to everyone. What a change in the weather from last week. It is "63" and we actually had RAiN today! I even had a 3 year old
 at church today beg me to take him out to see the RAiN. He wouldn't even wait for his Dad to take him outside. He squealed and put his hand out to fill the RAiN.   When I say rain I mean we have puddles of water and water running in the gutters. I live by a small lake and we were beginning to wonder if  our lake might get so low that boats weren't going to be allowed on the lake. OK TEXAS got RAiN, enough .

It really is feeling like fall and when I decorate for fall I wanted to do something different in our living are. I saw several using candy corn in there candle holder so I gave it a try. I also found in my fall binds candy corn candles. I had picked up the candy corn bowls recently so as my daughter named it is the Candy Corn Table.

In the middle of candle holders are cloth pumkins that my daughter I have collected. A friend begin to makes these for craft shows about 10 years ago and we try to purchase one or two each year. They are not the ordinary colors and patterns.

A closer look at the pumpkins. It is so exciting to see what fabric she has every year.

The table sets in front of our fire place a few more the pumkins are there.(oops who left that bag there). You can see a closer look by going back to my header.

Before i say goodby I want to show off a couple of the photo's from
my daughter engagment photo's.
 She and Jeff will be married in March.

So much for the two hours of make-up and hair! 

Yes our family is in  morning due to the big lost Saturday.<;(
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  1. Oh how pretty your table setting is.
    My daughter loves candy corn:)

    I wanted to take a moment and say- your daughter an her fiance are the most adorable couple I have ever seen and I know they will have a long and joyous marriage. People who can play together- stay together and those 2 were meant to be.
    Congrats to them..


  2. I think your hearth looks just beautiful! I would love a stone fireplace. It says, "home and oomfort" to me.

    And I love the pictures for your daughter's engagement. Aren't you glad that photographers do such cute things now that show the personality of the couple? The suds blowing is my favorite.

  3. Cute engagement photos, and fun! Love your decor with candy corn, very clever.

  4. Yes, we were finally blessed with some rain. I live in Fort Worth, but I am sure you got more than we did. I enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing the way you decorated for fall.

  5. Neat little pumpkins, polka dots are always fun:@) So glad you got some rain and your daughter's engagement pics are just too cute!

  6. So sorry to be so late in getting to visit but I'm glad you chose to be a part of Seasonal Sundays this past week and hope you'll join me again this week.

    - The Tablescaper


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