Friday, March 18, 2011

One more St Patricks Table

I set the table and couldn't find the time to post, so before I can pull out the Easter decorations thought I would show off my tables. Some may notice that I no long have my dinning room table. It decide that it had lived at this house long enough and had watched all the golf it wanted too and moved out. (Dining room and living area are in the same room).   I will be moving in my MIL round table very soon.
Now for St. Patricks tables.
Breakfast Room Table
Yes that is a Saint Patrick's tree. Big Jim suggested that I leave up this tree and decorate for the different  seasons and holiday's. He only had to suggestion this once. The leprican on the top was created by daughter the crique whiz. Thanks Misty.

Dinning Room

Green cups are setting  on a 1950 coaster with a lip that holds a cigarrett. These were a find at a very dark and dirty thrifty shop. It does pay to really dig around sometime.

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