Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Means Cleaning

When my kids were young and in school, and we had snow I was the one that usually stayed home when school was cancelled. That is when I would usually get caught up on the wash and clean out a closet. Well  today was a snow day but the kids are grown, and I still kept up my ritual of cleaning. I have not finished but now have 8 tablecloths and about 30 or so napkins sorted and ironed. Yea for the snow!!!
I even cooked a home style meal and made the wonderdful Chocalate Cresent rolls. Family decided we have a new favorite. Thanks to the blogger that shared the recipe, can't remember who.
Ok my rest time is up so it back to the closet and the ironing. Wish I had taken a photo before I started then you would know that I have put this off for awhile.
Our part of Texas is covered with snow and it is COLD!!!!

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