Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blog Background Change………………..!!!!!!!

Does it take a 
rocket scientist to change 
a background? 
I think in my case either 
my mind or my computer skills have gone on the blink.

Maybe I  should never change the background.
 I look at all the neat blog backgrounds and think that's the one I like.
But how oh how!
I will try again wish me luck!


I have been AWOL for a while
My plate has really been
 full for a while
with the lose of  my Mother-Law
Husband having stints
Back Problems-myself
and every day normal ups and downs.
 I think I may see a light at the
 end of the tunnel! 
  I will be back in full force.
I have missed table scaping. 
It hasn't stopping me from
viewing other blogs 
and picking up a few items.
I have a lot of great ideals 
that I hope to share soon.
Below is just one find---
that was not found in a thrift shop
but where else but my Mom's cabinet.
Isn't  it  fun to shop at home----are at mom's home.

See you soon in Blog land.
I am joining 
"Lets Dish"

Thanks for dropping by 
Please leave a word or two


  1. You certainly have had your plate full! I hope you can have some RnR soon so you and your husband can recover. I have been down that same path lately and the tablescapes and lovely parties are a great place for me to find a respite! I love your find in your Mom's cabinet and it is a great place to shop!


  2. Hi Cathy,

    Very nice banner, indeed! Hope you're not changing this one.

    Following you back,


  3. Hope things improve for you!

  4. Cute, cute! Love shopping at other family members. Now it's me giving some to my kids. lol! I think it does take a rocket scientist. I finally gave up and just change my header. That one's easy.
    p.s. now following

  5. Duh! I was already following.

  6. Sorry life has been so rough for you and your family. Hope things improve. Thanks for stopping by to visit. Enjoyed seeing your new finds. '-)


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