Saturday, November 27, 2010

I only wanted creamer.

Today was a very enlighten day.I only wanted to find creamer for my coffee. Then an hour later I had completely cleaned out my spices, you know the one that the dates have ran out along time ago. Yes I did find creamer but by then the coffee pot had already turned off. So I warmed the coffee and waited. While waiting decide I would move my Christmas pottery to the lower shelf and rearrange my Fiesta. The coffee warmed and fours later I enjoyed my coffee. I did some great help from my mom and two more cabinets have now been cleaned.
I have one more day and then it's back to the real job. Somehow that tree has  got to come out of the attic. Wish a snow storm would come my way then I would really get things done.

Christmas is only 29 days away.

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